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Educators Rising — in partnership with the National Education Association — is coordinating an effort to back-map the road to accomplished teaching into the secondary space. We are defining what high school students exploring teaching must know and be able to do to be on the path to accomplished teaching.

Educators Rising is not attempting to reduce a full teacher preparation program into a one- or two-year high school course of study. The goal is to identify the critical skills and dispositions these students should be developing in the earliest part of the career continuum — while still in high school — to take their first steps on a coherent journey to becoming great teachers.

The journey to accomplished teaching is a marathon. What should the first steps look like? Educators Rising Standards are the teaching profession’s answer to this vital question. Created with support from the National Education Association (NEA), who provided a generous grant award for their development, the standards will form the backbone for secondary-based “grow your own” efforts across the country.

The seven standards define what high school students exploring teaching need to know and be able to do to take their first steps on the path to accomplished teaching. The standards represent a new, shared vision from the field; the teaching profession is mapping the front end of a coherent continuum, from the initial exploratory phase to entry into the profession to becoming an accomplished practitioner.

  • Standard I: Understanding the Profession

  • Standard II: Learning About Students

  • Standard III: Building Content Knowledge

  • Standard IV: Engaging in Responsive Planning

  • Standard V: Implementing Instruction

  • Standard VI: Using Assessment and Data

  • Standard VII: Engaging in Reflective Practice

A diverse group of 12 practitioners formed the Educators Rising Standards Committee, including eight National Board Certified Teachers and two State Teachers of the Year. The processes and protocols used for empowering the committee to define the Educators Rising Standards were borrowed from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), who served as a partner and advisor at every stage of the project.

Read the detailed Educators Rising Standards to learn more.

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