Madison Palmer


Miami High School

Madison Palmer is a senior at Miami High School in Globe, Arizona, and is in her second year of being an EdRising member. Madison plays three sports year round at her high school, and has made the varsity team since her freshman year. She aims to inspire her peers in everything she does and wants all students to be involved in their chapter as much as possible. Not only does Madison have experience with being a leader in her sports and her school, but she also works a part time job. Everything that she is involved in demands leadership skills and the ability to work with a team. On top of all her extracurricular activities, Madison is able to maintain high honors. Some of the greatest accomplishments Madison has received is an American Legion Award, being accepted into National Honors Society, and being named a State Officer for Educators Rising Arizona. As a member of EdRising, Madison’s goals is to be an inspiration to others, motivate individuals to join the organization, and spreading as much awareness possible about EdRising. Madison plans on staying in Arizona to attend the University of Arizona to fulfill her aspiration to become a physician's assistant. Her biggest career goal is to one day, have her own practice. Her faith in the organization is strong and passionate. She encourages the promotion of strong, impactful leaders and teachers. She believes EdRising will give her the skills and experiences she needs to be successful in the future.



My mission as a State Officer for the 2019-2020 school year is to be inspiring to all rising educators. I have been inspired by my teachers to fulfill the leadership position as a State Officer. The organization has made me aware that I need to expand my knowledge of education, such as when I realized that many people don’t know about the teacher shortage problem. There is a need for teachers who are well prepared, and who are dedicated to providing students with the best education possible. I have been inspired to promote Educators Rising to not only an entire community, but to an entire state. I want to inspire people by reaching my goals and demonstrating how I am impacting the communities. I will do this by getting more members through outreach. I am going to take full advantage of my leadership position as a state officer and inspire rising educators, by being an impactful leader. I want to inspire individuals to spread the word about Educators Rising because of how I impacted them.

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Melany Gandara

Vice President At Large

San Luis High School

Melany Gandara is currently a junior at San Luis High School in the Yuma Union High School District. This year will be Melany’s second year in Educators Rising through the Early Childhood Education program, where she was a teacher leader for the program’s preschool. Melany enjoys being an involved student and serving her community. She served as secretary at her school’s Future Farmers of America chapter, while at the same time being part of the Science Research club, serving as an officer for the National Society for Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences, and doing volunteer work at the public library. During her time in these extracurriculars, Melany participated in many community service activities such as planting trees near a river for the Wetland Restorations and working a food booth at her local fair. After high school, she plans to attend Northern Arizona University to pursue a career as either a Pediatric Nurse or an Early Childhood Educator.  Melany feels honored to be given the opportunity to serve as Arizona’s EdRising State Officer for the 2019-2020 school year.



As a State Officer for Educators Rising, I plan to become an advocate for education and a voice for our students. My main goal this year is to help the organization expand by promoting awareness of the importance of education and all of the opportunities EdRising has to offer to its members. Lastly, I want to create a fun learning environment where students feel comfortable, can express themselves, and are able to develop their abilities and skills.

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Valerie Lopez

Vice President of Membership

Greenway High School

Valerie Lopez is honored to have been elected as one of the 2019-2020 EdRising Arizona State Officers. She is a senior attending Greenway High School in Phoenix, Arizona. She has been a part of the Education Professions program since her junior year where she was also elected as the class secretary. She loves to use her creativity to plan projects, make new friends within her Education Professions course, and students in EdRising across the state. Valerie is very involved with her school and is member of National Honor Society. She is also in the varsity cross country and track team where they have won several sectionals and state titles. She plans to be a future Sun Devil for Arizona State University, where her goal is to become a pediatrician in the future. It is through EdRising that she has learned about child development and can apply that to her future career. Valerie wants to be able to spread positivity and make many memories at her school, sports, and with everyone involved in the Educators Rising organization.



My mission for this year is to help Educators Rising grow. I want people who are already in the program to be able to share and talk to their peers about the amazing experiences that they’ve had at conferences, competitions, and in their class. This way, more people will know about the program and join. I aim to see more students, who have a strong passion for teaching, put themselves in a leadership position, such as running for state office. Being a state officer offers a great opportunity for students to learn about leadership and teamwork. Let us all share our positivity and experiences to help spread knowledge of Educators Rising.

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Getzahi Bernal Parra

Vice President of Media Relations

San Luis High School

Getzahi Bernal Parra is a senior currently attending San Luis High School in the Yuma Union High School District. Getzahi has been a member for two years in Educators Rising through her Education Professions class. Getzahi is also part of Future Farmers of America as the sentinel for her school’s chapter. She loves helping and encouraging people into joining different programs such as EdRising and FFA. Educators Rising has motivated Getzahi into achieving a career in education and plans to be a Sheltered English Immersion teacher and/or a foreign language teacher. She plans to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education and a certificate for Korean studies and/or Portuguese at the Arizona State University, in order to fulfill her career goals.


As your 2019-2020 State Officer, my mission is to encourage more people to join the EdRising program in the Education Professions course. I will also take advantage of the leaderships skills that I acquire, to be able to use them to represent and give a voice to my peers, as well as to my future students, as a future educator.

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Alejandra Sanchez

Vice President of Correspondence

Mesa High School

Alejandra Sanchez is honored to serve as a State Officer for Educators Rising in the 2019-2020 school year. Alejandra is a senior at Mesa High School and will continue her college courses at Mesa Community Community College, where she will graduate with 18 college credits. From her experience and skills she will develop as State Officer, she will use them to lead all rising educators. In her second year of being in the Educators Rising program, she won fifth place in Public Speaking in the state of Arizona. In addition, Alejandra is trilingual as she knows Spanish, American Sign Language, and English. Alejandra hopes to pursue an education at Northern Arizona University for the Dental Hygienist program and earn her Bachelor’s Degree. Alejandra will use people development skills she learned in her Education Professions course to help her pursue in the career she chooses. She possess the skills of leadership, team work, and of communication to use to further herself and her career. She loves helping others and is very understanding of others opinions. Her motto is, “At the end of the day, we only regret the chances we didn’t take”.


My mission as State Officer is to bring awareness about the importance of the teacher shortage problem. A way I will try to fix the teacher shortage problem is by talking to people about what we do. I will guide people into the path of becoming teachers by showing them the impacts educators make in the life of children. I will promote Educators Rising to everyone I encounter to explain how important education is. This will also help to inform students and teachers about the opportunities EdRising offers so that as an organization, we can recruit new students and teachers. I want to show students the benefits of becoming a State Officer and demonstrate to them that it is a leadership role that will benefit them, as well as push them to their full potential.

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